F.V. Rachel Leah


The R.L. is a 77 foot Offshore lobster boat which makes over 30 trips a year to the rich fishing grounds of Georges Bank. She was one of the five boats featured in the Discovery series, “Lobster Wars”. When she is not out on the fishing grounds she is tied up at the end of Pleasant St. In Hyannis, Mass. If  you are in the area you are welcome to come down and watch us unload and talk to us about the in and outs of lobstering. If you are interested in buying directly from the boat,  please bring along a bag or a container suitable for your purchase. The lobsters we catch tend to average between 2 and 6 pounds. We do not catch many lobster smaller than 2 pounds, as a matter of fact we catch more lobster over 6 pounds. . The times we off load vary, so please check in on this web page for the next time we will be unloading.

         ****Updated Wednesday May 27th  9am                     

                Lobsters, Lobsters, Lobsters!!!

The Rachel Leah is headed back to Hyannis with the lobsters we all love.  We will be unloading around 10PM tonight.  Lobsters continue to be scarce so that is why the  price is still high. We will be unloading at the Pleasant Street dock. Please only park in the gravel parking lot near the boat. Hope to see you tonight. Peter

Here are the prices per pound:

1-6 pounds------$9.00

Over 6 pounds--$7.00

Culls ------------ $7.00

Crabs------------$1.00 each



Night approach

Unloading last trip

Pete & Catie enjoying the Boston Duck Tour

The bow of the RL as she docks

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The last I spoke w Alex, both he and Keith were planning to leave tomorrow. Not any warmer on cape, 10' at my house this morning. But it has warmed up to about 15'!